What Are Title 24 Roofs

One of the newest products that many roofers are using in orange County are called tilte 24 cool roofs. If you are a business owner or a property owner you may be interested to know about some of the benefits that these cool roof materials can deliver for your company.
Title 24 roofs are designed to improve building efficiency. The game less sleep than normal roofing materials and they can actually cut a building owners energy costs substantially. Title 24 roofs are also constructed with some hand selected materials to ensure that maintenance costs can be considerably decreased. Title 24 roofs are also designed for the maximum life expectancy of a roof being that with minimal maintenance these cool roof solutions can actually last 10 to 15 years or more and help to improve the efficiency of a building over time. Tile 24 refers to the building energy standard that these types of materials fall under. Cool roof materials are generally designed using a light color and they are manufactured to reflect or admit the sun's energy directly away from a building to prevent damage and wear while still improving energy efficiency. If you want to experience a number of care advantages, efficiency advantages and improvements for your roofing systems upgrading your roofing to title 24 could be an excellent way to maximize your results as a business. If you are interested in refurbishing your roof to include these types of materials or you are in need of roof repairs and you want to use the best new materials on the market, contact Norge County roofers today for more information on title 24 roofs. We can outfit your location with the best in roofing materials that will suit your industry!


Prevent Puddling Of Water On A Flat Roof

Puddling water on a flat roof can be a serious issue for any business or home. If you have a property that is experiencing regular puddling of water after any type of rainstorm it remains very important that you fix the drainage issue before it gets worse. Turning a blind eye to a large puddle of water on your roof can actually cause the chance for structural damage, leaks into the building, mold, and more. As water puddles along your roof in certain areas this can lead to the chance that you are wearing through your roofing materials much faster than anticipated. Any type of roofing material is not designed to be constantly submerged and this can mean that you will have to do more maintenance and potentially even replace your roofing materials much faster than you anticipated. As a roof is an investment, you need to look closely at the way that your roof is draining so that you can make sure that the water along your roof is properly moving down into the gutters and draining away from the building. By working with a roofer you can eliminate ponding water by adding an auxiliary sloping compound your roof that is UV stable and waterproof. There are also a number of other methods that can be used to restore the look of a roof and prevent areas where water typically pools along a flat roof. Contacting a roofer immediately is one of the best ways to prevent future damage to your roof and to solve this issue if it has been ongoing. If you see puddles of water across your roof that show no signs of leaving, you need to contact a roofer immediately. To speak with Orange County roofing specialists contact us today!

Should You Consider Roof Coatings?

In Orange County there are a number of reasons why you should consider the option of roof tile coatings as an investment for your roof. If your home or your business has roof tiles which are unprotected you could actually be doing extensive damage to your roof and compromising the structure of the building itself. A new roof could potentially cost you tens of thousands of dollars and it may lead to even a few weeks of disruption for your property or your business. Risking a major structural damage for your roof is simply not something that's feasible for many property owners. Prolonging the life of your roof and reducing maintenance comes with the help of roof tile coatings. Roof tile coatings can help to prevent wear on most of your roofing materials. They can prevent the chance that you might grow items like mold and other destructive conditions on your roof. Preventing rot and water pooling can all be a big benefit of using roof tile coatings. Roof tile coatings are also extremely beneficial for improving your energy efficiency throughout her property. With the help of cool roof coatings it's possible that you could reduce your energy bill in terms of air conditioning and the wear on your roof tiles from the sun. In an area like Orange County that gets an extensive amount of sunshine and hot days, protecting your roofing materials from UV radiation remains a concern for any property owner. With the assistance of roof tile coatings, you can work at improving your property for the better. In the end, the choice to include roof tile coatings as part of your roofing system is up to you. These coatings can add many years to the life span of your roof. With numerous benefits, especially for flat roofs these are elements that have become essential for many properties in Orange County California.


How Effective Are Cool Roofs?

If you want to include cool roof materials as part of your newest roofing restoration project or on a brand-new roofing installation, it is important to consider just how effective these roofing materials can be.
Today’s cool roof coatings are actually able to reflect around 70 to 90% of the sun's energy when they are first installed. Conventional roofing materials may only reflect around 5 to 25% of the energy that is delivered from the sun. This could mean that the roofing materials you have currently are absorbing between 75 to 95% of the sun's energy which is working to heat up your property every day. A roof in orange County California can easily reach upwards of 150-180° on some of the hottest days of the year. This can make it almost impossible to walk on and it can make sure that the upper levels of your property are much warmer than they should be. This can cause your air conditioner to work overtime and lead to steep energy bills. Cool roofs rarely rise above 80° even in the middle of the summer and this can really help with regulation on the temperature throughout your property. This can lead to your roofing materials lasting much longer because they're absorbing less heat and your property remaining cooler with less energy spent. Switching over to a reflective roof material could actually bring about savings of up to 50% on your energy bills during the warmest days of the year. If you are interested in experiencing these cost savings and benefits for your property be sure to contact the staff at Orange County roofing today. We can , dear property and assess the cost of installation for cool roof technology!

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