How effective are cool roofs?
If you want to include cool roof materials as part of your newest roofing restoration project or on a brand-new roofing installation, it is important to consider just how effective these roofing materials can be.
Today’s cool roof coatings are actually able to reflect around 70 to 90% of the sun's energy when they are first installed. Conventional roofing materials may only reflect around 5 to 25% of the energy that is delivered from the sun. This could mean that the roofing materials you have currently are absorbing between 75 to 95% of the sun's energy which is working to heat up your property every day.
A roof in orange County California can easily reach upwards of 150-180° on some of the hottest days of the year. This can make it almost impossible to walk on and it can make sure that the upper levels of your property are much warmer than they should be. This can cause your air conditioner to work overtime and lead to steep energy bills.
Cool roofs rarely rise above 80° even in the middle of the summer and this can really help with regulation on the temperature throughout your property. This can lead to your roofing materials lasting much longer because they're absorbing less heat and your property remaining cooler with less energy spent.
Switching over to a reflective roof material could actually bring about savings of up to 50% on your energy bills during the warmest days of the year.
If you are interested in experiencing these cost savings and benefits for your property be sure to contact the staff at Orange County roofing today. We can , dear property and assess the cost of installation for cool roof technology!
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