Why restore an older roof over replacing it?
Orange County can be particularly punishing on roofs especially with the warmer climate and the power of the sun. If you are considering a full roofing replacement you might instead want to think of getting a cool roof coating and a restoration over the option of a complete replacement. There are some top reasons why it makes much more sense to do some repairs on an older roof instead of replacing it:
Commercial roofing materials are made to last: With a coating like cool roof coatings you may need to do only minimal maintenance to get 15 to 20 years out of your roof. The newest types of coatings for commercial roofs are designed to last for a far greater lifespan than some early materials.
You can save on energy as well as repairs: using a cool roof coating and performing patching and repairs over a full replacement can still get you incredible energy savings. With the right commercial roof coatings you can be sure that your energy bills can be significantly lowered. Rather than having to cool down a business and warned county with a roof that consistently losing the cool air, you can seal in your property and disperse some of the heat with a cool roof coating.
It will minimize disruption for your business: completely replacing an older roof can be a time-consuming process. Performing patching and then applying cool roof coatings can lead to minimal disruption. Rather than having to shut down or even how workers president your business for a number of days, a cool roof coating can be set up quickly with minimal disruption for your operations.
Preparing for environmental damage: getting your roof repaired is essential if you are experiencing leaks or other issues. If your roof has been causing problems within your business it's very important that you consider restoration immediately.
Keep some of these ideas in mind for your roofing restoration effort and remember that you can count on Orange County roofing for all your cool roof restoration needs.
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