Why you need to call a roofer if you see puddling on a flat roof:
Puddling water on a flat roof can be a serious issue for any business or home. If you have a property that is experiencing regular puddling of water after any type of rainstorm it remains very important that you fix the drainage issue before it gets worse. Turning a blind eye to a large puddle of water on your roof can actually cause the chance for structural damage, leaks into the building, mold, and more.
As water puddles along your roof in certain areas this can lead to the chance that you are wearing through your roofing materials much faster than anticipated. Any type of roofing material is not designed to be constantly submerged and this can mean that you will have to do more maintenance and potentially even replace your roofing materials much faster than you anticipated.
As a roof is an investment, you need to look closely at the way that your roof is draining so that you can make sure that the water along your roof is properly moving down into the gutters and draining away from the building.
By working with a roofer you can eliminate ponding water by adding an auxiliary sloping compound your roof that is UV stable and waterproof. There are also a number of other methods that can be used to restore the look of a roof and prevent areas where water typically pools along a flat roof. Contacting a roofer immediately is one of the best ways to prevent future damage to your roof and to solve this issue if it has been ongoing.
If you see puddles of water across your roof that show no signs of leaving, you need to contact a roofer immediately. To speak with Orange County roofing specialists contact us today!
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